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As we look towards the re-opening of businesses across the hospitality sector we want to ensure you have all the information at hand that you could need to make this as smooth as possible and that we support you in re-opening right.

This section has been specifically designed for your outlet to ensure you have the best re-open information possible, including how to restart your dispense, outlet re-open strategies for both your staff and your customer's safety as well as a re-open kit free for you to claim.

How to restart your dispense kit / equipment

Here is a guide with instructional videos to explain how to restart your Postmix following a temporary site closure

Please follow these instructions as part of a outlet re-opening plan. This advice is based on British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA) guidelines.

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Top 10 tips to re-open your outlet: customer safety

For the first few weeks, customer experience is likely to change from 'how good was it' to 'how safe did I feel', so use these tips to standout from the crowd and show your innovation in customer safety.

We know you will be wanting to protect your customers so we've created this guide to give you some ideas and solutions to help re-open your outlet with your customer's safety at heart. 

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Extended shelf life on your dispense products

We have worked with our lab team to test the shelf life of some of the products our customers have in outlet, which will mean you won't have to bin some of the out of date soft drinks.

We also have a downloadable authorised letter in case of any official proof is required.

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