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London Essence

Founded in 1896. Renewed in 2016.

At The London Essence Co we continue a tradition established towards the end of the 19th century. Our predecessors used the knowledge and science gained during the creation of essences for leading perfume houses, to revolutionise the way food and drink companies thought about flavour.

Reasons to stock:

  • Each one is delicately light & low in calories
  • Exquisite drinks from distilled essences
  • Designed with world renowned mixologists
  • Natural Sweetness

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London Essence Tonic on Tap

Infusing distilled botanicals to deliver the purest flavours and the freshest taste.

Pair perfectly with a wide variety of gins, or enjoy in non-alcoholic options – always perfectly chilled and carbonated

Freshly infusing distilled botanicals
Patented micro-dosing technology that delivers the purest flavours

Operationally simple
Maximises the guest experience by reducing time spent restocking high-volume lines

A quality experience built to last
Extensive real world testing, delivering style and durability

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