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Now that businesses across the hospitality sector have been put in to another lockdown, we want to ensure you at least have all the information at hand that you could need to make this as smooth and as painless as possible.

This section has been specifically designed for your outlet to ensure you have the best information possible, including how to shudown / restart your dispense, closure plans and outlet re-open strategies for both your staff and your customer's safety.

How to shutdown your dispense equipment

With the latest government lockdown, the UK are having to temporarily close their outlets once again. We are here to support your business and we want to make sure, if you have to, you at least shutdown your dispense equipment correctly.

We advise you to follow these instructions as part of a temporary closure of up to 8 weeks.

Read your dispense shutdown guide

How to make the most of lockdown

When the current lockdown is lifted, there is likely to be a swell of consumer appetite to get back out the house and into their favourite venues and there are a few key things operators can do in the current downtime to ready themselves for re-opening in the best way possible.

Use these tips to get ahead of the competition, ready for when you re-open.

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Delivery & Takeaway

Amid the current crisis, independent outlets are already massively impacted, with many shutting doors with no income.

So, what can you do?

If you currently offer food in your outlet, then food delivery is a definite option. 

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COVID Solutions: Helping your outlet function as you re-open

With the hospitality world a very different place, there are complications that never existed before social distancing and COVID-19. That's why we've pulled together some 3rd party solutions that can help you cope with new issues, helping your customers feel safe so they can enjoy being out.

Industry advice and guidance

We have put together some links to industry information sites that are able to keep you up to date with the latest guidance for outlets and staff on COVID-19.

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Online training and certification for re-opening

Even with your outlet re-opening soon, get ahead of the game and offer your staff some great tools and be better than the competition, giving your customers a reason to come back.

We've spoken to some of our partners to see what we can do to help you during this time and they have offered some excellent courses to those in the hospitality industry. 

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