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Amid the current crisis, independent outlets are already massively impacted, with many shutting doors with no income.

So, what can you do?
If you currently offer food in your outlet, then food delivery is a definite option. We have got a collection of articles and links to 3rd parties that will help guide you through the industry governance and the 'how-to' while also how to get the word out about your new offering.

Tips for starting delivery and takeaway

Many pubs and bars were already getting into delivery and takeaway long before the first lockdown and plenty of others embraced it during the first lockdown back in March. For many this is a new challenge, but one that brings fresh opportunities. So how can operators get this right for their customers?

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6 steps to safe, sustainable service during COVID-19

The Government guidelines specifically state: Takeaway and delivery facilities should remain open and operational. Operators already providing a takeaway and/or delivery service are free to continue. Any operator can offer this service provided they do so within the guidelines.

This guide by Food Made Good explains how to set up a takeaway or delivery service and who you can use.

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How to launch a 'drinks to go' offer

With Britain in lockdown, delivery services have become a survival kit for pubs during the coronavirus storm. But while it’s one element to focus on food, how can operators ensure the best ‘drinks to go’ offer for their loyal customers?

The Morning Advertiser has a great article about how you could give pub-on-the-go a try.

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Could you be a community shop instead?

StarStock launches to transform thousands of pubs into community stores selling essential food items. will give pubs nationwide the ability to take and process orders online, providing them with a valuable income stream whilst offering their local community a way to access essential household staples such as bread, eggs and milk.

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Fancy some free training?

CPL have a FREE Planning Delivery & Takeaway course to help you make preparations while providing you a checklist of actions to consider and to communicate when conducting this new service.

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