Engaging your guests to drive sales to pre-Covid levels

When customers are finally back, it's going to be so important to make the most of their custom. Offer them every reason you can to stay and enjoy some hospitality!

How will your week change post lockdown?

With more people being encouraged to work from home, for at least part of the week, going forwards the ‘normal’ work pattern will change. For example, Fridays were traditionally a ‘feel-good’ day with particular offers made like Fish & Chip Friday, that is likely to change. Will Tuesdays and Thursdays be the busier office days, will Wednesday be the new ‘feel-good’ day? Think about running a variety of promotions on different days to attract people to your venue.

Buy now, eat later

Think about people’s new working arrangements. If they are spending more time at home, and less time on campus/at the office, how can you create offers to keep as much spend as possible on-site? Can you do a buy now for later offering with a takeaway meal and drink option for the evening? This will save people cooking when they return back from a busy work day.

Driving spend through value

As we live through a recessionary period, some may be facing financial hardships as a result of the pandemic so are seeking value promotions now more than ever before. Utilise mechanics such as meal/snack deals or a 2 for 1 meal offer to get people to spend more when they visit.

Have some fun

It’s not all about driving value. Drive footfall by enticing guests to remain on-site by running low value promotions where they can win instantly. Speak to your suppliers to see what prizes they can donate, or make the most of national on-pack promotions such as Pepsi MAX and Walkers UEFA Champions League instant win giveaways by raising visibility through secondary siting.

Get social

Keep in contact with your loyal customer base by reaching out to them through social media and remind them of any upcoming offers, or special menus that may tempt them to remain on-site. Keep them up to date with what is going on and make them feel part of the team.

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