Repeat trade: creating new regulars

Heightened demand has plenty of outlets still booking out two-hour windows in the trade. Delivering perfect drinks and service during these short trips, and longer ones, to your venue is an underrated asset for all bar teams.

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Making sure customers feel welcome and looked after will be absolutely crucial to gain repeat trade which will last throughout the summer months and beyond as we expect restrictions to lift further come 19th July.

“Customers are coming out in their droves so far to support businesses and regain that level of normality they crave,” said city centre bar owner Stuart McPhee.

“As far as we are concerned, we will be making sure that our offering is competitive with new handcrafted seasonal cocktails, delicious pizza and great customer service. That’s the way we will turn those first summer visits into return visits and create long term certainty for our business.”

And that tactic was backed by award-winning bar manager, Lachlan Rooney, who said that when budgets are tight, good word of mouth can be invaluable.

“Standing out from the crowd is difficult right now because everyone is hungry to build their market share on a shoestring budget,” he said. “In marketing, they often say that word of mouth is the best organic marketing tool there is. As trivial as it may seem, ensuring that your guests experience top notch service under your hospitality can be huge for growing and retaining that ever-important customer base. But this works both ways. If venues appear to have forgotten the hospitality aspect of selling food and drink, then customers will see this as clear as day and stop frequenting places that feel like the turning cogs of a factory floor.”

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