London Essence

Exquisite drinks from distilled botanicals

Why stock London Essence?

  • Versatile range of tonics, sodas & gingers.

  • Enjoyed in the world’s best bars.

  • Delicately light and low, designed to complement premium spirits.

  • World-leading dispense innovation - Freshly Infused.

Our tonic & gingers collection

Indian Tonic Water
Pair with: Your preferred premium gin or with a dark rum for a contemporary pairing. 

Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water
Pair with: Citrus led gins or bitter aperitifs.

Blood Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water
Pair with: A floral or citrus-centric gin.

Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic Water
Pair with: Juniper-heavy gins, or both citrus led or floral gins.

Spiced Ginger Beer
Pair with: Stands up spectacularly well when served alone, but can also be paired with premium whisky or smoky dark rum.

Delicate Ginger Ale
Pair with: Cognac or a premium Irish whisky for a super smooth blend.

Our soda & lemonade collection

Soda Water.
Pair with: Simply over ice or top-tier whisky and vodka.

Roasted Pineapple Crafted Soda
Pair with: Solo for a refreshing boost, or with a premium golden rum.

White Peach & Jasmine Crafted Soda
Pair with: Prosecco in a flute glass for a contemporary twist.

Pink Grapefruit Crafted Soda
Pair with: Classic cocktails and mocktails, from the Paloma to the refreshing Mojito.

Orange & Fig Crafted Soda
Pair with: Your favourite premium vodka or an Islay Whisky for a long drink with a smoky finish.

Raspberry & Rose Crafted Soda
Pair with: Serve simply over ice, or with a premium gin for a twist on the Bramble cocktail.

Crafted Lemonade
Pair with: Perfect for a myriad of serves, from Vodka Lemonade to the refreshing Pink Gin Lemonade.

Freshly Infused

We have created a sustainable and stylish way for bars to serve our globally renowned premium mixers, our Freshly Infused dispense system.

Freshly Infused boasts up to eight exquisite flavours that will take guest on a journey of discovery with every taste. Maximise your guest experience by reducing time spent restocking high-volume lines, with a dispense system designed to balance both style, efficiency and sustainability.

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