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Stay ahead of the soft drinks trends in 2024

Things move fast in soft drinks. Not long ago, all that licensed and foodservice operators had to do to keep people happy was ensure they had a good supply of fizzy staples and juices. The essentials are still, well, essential, of course. But so too is offering wider ranges that satisfy drinkers’ changing needs. So how do you keep on trend in 2024?

Top Drinks Trends in 2024

Why Cola is King

Cola is the number one soft drink and has been the biggest driver of soft drinks over the last 15 years. It is hugely important in hospitality, accounting for £6BN in soft drink sales in 2023 and over 3.6bn occasions therefore is something your venue can’t afford to be without. So what can you do to tap into the reign of cola?

Why Cola is King

Health trend drives innovation and soft drinks sales

The no and low alcohol category continues to boom, driven by a growing cohort of Brits who seek lighter choices, with 69% of soft drinks consumers trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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The Energy trend: Supercharge Energy Drink Sales

Energy drinks are a powerhouse of growth in food service retail. Sales spiked by 13.6%, putting an extra £203m through retailers’ tills, last year. That makes sports and energy drinks the hottest sector in soft drinks.

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