The big question - Plenish: Q&A

We spoke to Kara Rosen, founder of Plenish, the pioneering brand of premium, healthy and natural plant-based drinks, to answer the top questions you asked.

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Last month, we asked you what you wanted to know about plant-based alternatives, the opportunity in the plant-based market and how you can take advantage of the current trend within your outlet. We spoke to Kara Rosen, founder of Plenish, the pioneering brand of premium, healthy and natural plant-based drinks, to answer the top questions you asked. 

What is the size of the plant-based drink market?

The plant-based drinks category has grown exponentially in appeal, from catering primarily to health and wellness enthusiasts, to one where now over 1 in 4 Britons follow a vegan diet. Uptake is even higher in 25–44-year-olds where almost 50% are now interested in plant-powered, dairy-free drinks either as a milk substitute, or a flavour preference.

Premium Brands in particular are driving category growth, with a 40% share of the Category in the latest year as Shoppers continue to trade up. Premiumisation within Barista will create more category value. Barista has a 16% price premium compared to the total dairy alternative market which means they command a higher price and therefore a better margin for you.


What is the most popular plant-based drink at the moment?

In terms of the alternative dairy market, by far and away the most popular plant-based drink in the market at the moment is oat milk, which has grown by 11.6% in sales in the last year. Almond milk, however, remains in second place, closely followed by soya milk. Offering a range of alternative dairy options for customers will ensure that you’re catering to their different health needs as well as flavour preferences.

The Juice shots category has also seen consistent growth in the market, increasing in value sales by 162% in the last two years. Offering these drinks will attract the growing number of consumers looking for healthy drinks with additional benefits.


Which drinks would you recommend for a café where we can also grow complimentary herbs or plants?

There are a range of drinks that you can offer consumers if you grow your own complimentary herbs and plants for your cafe.

We know that consumers are paying more attention to their health and that the pandemic has accelerated this trend, with one in five consumers now adding vitamins or supplements to their diet.

Offering a range of juice shots at your cafe will meet the consumer need for both healthy drinks, and ones that have additional benefits such as nutrients and vitamins that you gain from consuming herbs, vegetables and fruits. I would recommend experimenting with flavour combinations to have alongside classic, well-loved flavours to excite your customers.

Beyond this, don’t forget cold pressed juices and smoothies which also offer a great opportunity to use a range of different herbs, vegetables and fruits. Again, you can experiment with different combinations, depending on what you grow on site. Allowing consumers to personalise their drink and pick their own combinations will also help to make you stand out from the crowd and offer them something different.

Why is it important to take on new brands?

We know that the plant-based category is growing and offers operators a huge opportunity. Taking on new brands can help drive new customers into the category by offering innovative and exciting products and flavours that are in line with consumer demand.

Although consumers have been eating and drinking out less than before the pandemic, they are spending more when they do go out, with spend per transaction up 9%. Ensure that you are offering customers something different from what they can enjoy at home to elevate their experience while out of home and encourage them to spend more at the same time.

Is there a barista organic Plenish? What does the full range consist of?

We are currently working on a Barista range which we will be launching very soon, so watch this space. However, all our plant-based milk alternatives can be used in coffee or tea.

Plenish currently has six flavours:

  • Organic Almond
  • Oat
  • Hazelnut
  • Cashew
  • Soya
  • Coconut

Our original range of milks are designed to be the purest plant-based milks around. They are all certified organic, made with just a handful of natural and sustainably sourced ingredients and contain no additives like oils or gums.



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