Get the most from your snacks sales

From ensuring visibility at point of purchase to the right range, we cover all the top recommendations to drive snacks sales, increasing that drink-only order.

We have partnered with popular snack provider Walkers, to bring you the best advice on range, what to stock, latest trends and the small details that can ensure you make the most of your snacking sales all year round.

A great way to drive total spend in your outlet is stocking savoury snacks as the category is highly expandable: the more people eat, the more they buy

Importance of snacks

Snacks are a key driver to increase spend out of home. Snack sales in Pubs & Bars are now exceeding pre COVID-19 levels and the (wholesale) value sales of crisps, snacks & nuts (CSN) in Pubs & Bars was at £32.2 million in the last year, so you can see just how important it can be to stock up to meet the needs of your customers. 

  • Snacking occasions are growing +2% with savoury snacking (+20%) growing ahead of sweet (+11%) in pubs and clubs.
  • Total snack sales in foodservice and licensed was at £123 million 
  • 38% of pub visitors say they are interested in seeing snack menus in Pubs 
  • 62% of out of home customers buy snacks 
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Snacks in pubs guide

We've also got a quick-guide on why crisps & snacks are important within Pubs, understanding of the optimum range, key principles to maximise sales and how Walkers can help with free Kit to drive visibility & sales.

Range advice for your outlet

What you should stock will depend on your outlet type, so make sure you're getting the most out of your snacks sales by stocking the right range.