Range advice: Premium Food bar

If you love to give your customers exactly what they want when they come and visit your establishment, this is the section for you. Not only do people actively seek a good selection of snacks to go with their drinks, eating occasions lead over drinking, therefore there is no questions to stock up!

PepsiCo has looked at the stats, crunched the numbers, reviewed the top trends and come up with what we think is the ideal snacking range for a premium food bar.

In this section, alongside advice on what to stock, you’ll also find some handy hints to help make your snacking sales thrive.


Key things to consider for the perfect snacks range

Visibility is key: Make sure customers can see the snacks you have on offer, this will not only bring them front of mind, but can increase spend by up to £1.50.

Trends matter: There will be an appetite for the core ranges of crisps and nuts, but premium lines – like Pipers – are also likely to be in demand with many consumers wanting to treat themselves, i.e. “I’m spending less time at the pub, so I’ll treat myself whilst I’m here.”

Stock the best-sellers: “It’s my favourite” ranks as the second biggest reason why guests will select a snack, with taste being the number one reason. Walkers Cheese & Onion, Ready Salted and Salt & Vinegar are the top three best-selling crisp SKU’s within pubs, so are a sure winner to be stocked to meet the needs of customers.

Snacks can be divided into two categories

The importance of each of these are dependent on the style of outlet, your customer base and affluence.

Premium snacks

A range where customers can have the option to trade up and treat themselves. Within snacks your premium range should include Pipers Cheddar & Onion 40g, Pipers Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt 40g, Pipers Sea Salt 40g and Pipers Kirkby Malham Chorizo 40g.

Family Favourites

Don’t forget to have something that the whole family can enjoy including younger children. Quavers 20g is the perfect solution to cater for this need.

Top 5 Crisps & Snacks SKU’s within premium bars

  • Pipers Cheddar & Onion 40g

  • Pipers Cider Vinegar & Sea salt 40g

  • Pipers Sea Salt 40g

  • Quavers 20g

  • Pipers Chorizo 40g

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