Get up to speed on the soft drinks levy

What's happened? The Soft Drinks LEVY 2018

In 2016 the government announced the introduction of a new levy on soft drinks that contain added sugar with the aim of tackling childhood obesity. The levy will apply to producers and importers of soft drinks containing added sugar, and will be implemented on 6th April 2018.



How does it work?

The levy applies to all applicable drinks sold in the UK, including imported products.

There will be an exclusion for products like pure fruit juices where the sugars present are only naturally occurring, milk-based products and liquid flavourings used in the on trade.

Drinks with <5g of sugar per 100ml are below the soft drinks levy threshold. The levy only applies to products which contain added sugars and a total sugar content of more than 5g per 100ml

5-8g of sugar per 100ml = 18p per litre

8g+ of sugar per 100ml = 24p per litre

Why does it matter to you?

For example if your outlet is selling 100 litres per week of full rate levy products, the annual soft drinks cost increase would be £1,248 from April 2018.

We would recommend you consider the cost impact to your business*

How can Britvic help?

We have a leading portfolio of great tasting drinks that are either below the soft drinks levy threshold or levy exempt.

We can help you reduce costs while still delivering a great range of sensational tasting drinks to meet all of your guest needs

Steps to creating a levy ready range

Be range ready:
Britvic has a great tasting range of drinks for your guests to choose from, that are either below the soft drinks levy threshold or are exempt from the levy. But remember choice is key as some guests will still want to opt for full sugar drinks.

Pass on the levy:
Our recommendation - follow the spirit of the levy and create price differentials between high sugar and low sugar drinks*.

Engaging staff:
Educate staff to know the products and facts – they can use recommendations to nudge your guests in the right direction.

Guest experience:
Provide your guests with sensational drinks that create a great experience – inspirational choices, perfectly served.

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