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This collection of industry knowledge will train your staff and help you excite and captivate your customers with ease.

11 mixing techniques and when to use them

There are many techniques to creating that customer cocktail, but the end result should always be the same; a perfectly diluted, chilled & evenly mixed drink.

Did you know there are 11 techniques for mixing? There's a reason it's 'shaken, not stirred'. It produces a different end result and this can completely change the drink from a frothy, flat spirit and mixer to a delicious perfect serve.

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A guide to Garnishes

Garnishes are not just there to look pretty. They provide integral, complementary flavours and aromas to your drink and therefore need to be as fresh as possible. Aroma makes up for more than 80% of how we taste and it’s good to experiment with garnish sizes, quantities and freshness to reach the desired taste, helping you to understand your garnish and their affect on flavours.

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Your guide to glassware for cocktails

Using the right glass for a particular drink isn’t just about looking good, the size and shape of a glass also serves a specific purpose. A heavy thick glass will make the same cocktail taste differently than in a long thin glass. It is also important that the glass looks reasonably full; smaller glasses allow you to serve smaller quantities of high quality spirits and mixers. This also encourages responsible drinking; the makings for a much more pleasurable drinking experience.

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Barware: what you need

Behind the bar can be a messy and confusing place, especially for your less experienced staff.

We've pulled together a simple list of your barman and mixing equipment to help your staff work more efficiently in busy times.

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