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The packaged water category in hospitality is breaking. Find out about Aqua Libra can help.

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The need for innovation is clear

Packaged branded water sales are worth over £200M a year to the hospitality trade. But packaged glass water is expensive in price, and is intense in carbon to both make and move. Did you know a bottle often travels hundreds of road miles?

Equally, ‘sink water’ (water served from your chefs / bar sink) can’t be the answer for your demanding guests. Inconsistent in taste (around 60% of UK has hard or very hard water) and temperature, no sparkling option. It equals a poor, unbranded guest experience which is hard to commercialise.

Fix your water

Aqua Libra brings you all the pros of premium packaged water. With none of the financial or environmental cons of premium packaged water.

Exceptional finely filtered water. Perfectly chilled. Everytime.

Reduce expensive labour, storage and shrinkage costs.

Choice of branded serves for an experience worth paying for, or simply to differentiate your offer from your competitors.

Zero road miles. Zero single-use packaging.

Fixed price plans, for up to five years. No more brand or wholesaler price increases.

Nationwide service, including weekend cover, provided by 100 experienced drinks engineers.

How can bottling work for me?

  • Extensive choice of taps, finishes, colours and accessories to suit your environment.
  • Chilled, Chilled Sparkling, Ambient and Boiling options.
  • Touch button options for timed and serve size pour (e.g. 750ml).
  • All-inclusive platforms which cover absolutely everything – install, filters and services, full parts and labour guarantee. Purchase option also available.
  • Stunning branded glassware
  • Expert staff training and serve advice
  • Premium point-of-sale and digital menu assets
  • Branded sustainability partnerships

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