Britvic Cocktail Mixers

As our historic namesake brand, Britvic mixers and juices have been a reassuring presence in pub and restaurant back bars since 1938. This bold new range taps into the increasing demand for elevated serves in the hospitality setting that also deliver on great taste.

Delicious cocktails made easy

Cocktails are worth an impressive £686m in hospitality, having risen by 132% in the past year, and represent a significant growth opportunity for outlets. The new Britvic Cocktail Mixers were chosen from the top five ‘go-to’ cocktails, as half of consumers say they prefer classic drinks that they know and trust. Operators will be able to trade up from standard mixed drinks to popular cocktails on their menus, as the range will offer delicious cocktails that can be made with ease.

The new Britvic range of Cocktail Mixers, including perennial favourites Mojito, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri are ready to go with no specialist expertise, equipment or expensive ingredients required, they’re as easy to serve as a G&T. That’s a winner for every venue looking to attract more custom, and a winner for cocktail lovers looking for more affordable ways to enjoy their favourites in more venues.

Britvic Mojito Cocktail Mixer

A refreshing taste of lime, mint and uplifting crisp, bubbly soda. Our low-calorie Mojito Cocktail Mixer contains a complex mint flavour, selected for a gentle-but-fresh mint taste along with real lime juice for an added zing​. Simply mix with rum for a perfect Mojito in seconds. 

Britvic Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer

A sophisticated fruity and refreshing classic. Contains luscious strawberries and zesty lime for a complex smooth, berry flavour. Our low-calorie Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer includes real strawberries & lime for a sweet, delicious flavour. Simply mix with rum for a perfect Strawberry Daiquiri in seconds. 

Britvic Piña Colada Cocktail Mixer

A sweet, smooth and refreshing blend of succulent pineapple and coconut create a full-bodied serve. Our low-calorie Piña Colada Cocktail Mixer uses real pineapple & a smooth coconut flavour to ensure an authentic, beautiful tropical taste. Simply mix with rum for a perfect Piña Colada in seconds. 

"Half of bar owners say they don’t offer cocktails in mainstream outlets because they take too long to make, there are too many ingredients to stock or there is a lack of staff skill or knowledge. Our Cocktail Mixers are designed to make cocktails an easier opportunity to tap into and are the perfect addition to help operators serve cocktails more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.” Adam Russell, director of Foodservice & Licensed, Britvic