The Plenish Way

We make naturally delicious plant-based drinks out of the best ingredients on earth. We use only organic ingredients in our m*lks and juices, and we add very little to them: no flavourings, no preservatives, no additives.

Reasons to stock

  • Being plant based with natural, organic ingredients in our m*lks and juices and vitamins added to our shots, means it will appeal to the increase in customers making a conscious effort to consume healthier options.

Our Range

We’ve dedicated a decade to the pursuit of perfect ingredients, untampered with. Our delicious juices, m*lks and cleanses are all made with the promise that no flavourings, preservatives or chemicals have gone into them. No corners cut; if you see Plenish on the label, you know that you’ll find only the finest plant-based produce inside.

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Plenish Q&A

Discover more about Plenish as founder, Kara Rosen, answers some of your top questions in our Q&A feature.

The big question - Plenish: Q&A

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