Our Purdey's range

Purdey's is the original vitality drink. From small beginnings back over 30 years ago, our belief has always been that nature provides the secret to physical & mental wellbeing. Right from the start, we were using plant based ingredients to help people feel good and do good. We developed the first energising drink made with naturally sourced ingredients, long before anyone in the UK had been "given wings". A little ahead of our time, the world has now caught up but our mission remains the same


Replenish with a lighter blend of raspberry juice and rose extract. Enriched with B vitamins and minerals to help restore natural balance.

Available in 330ml bottle.


Refocus with a blend of sparkling dark fruit juices, naturally caffeinated with guarana and B vitamins to help you stay sharp.

Available in 330ml bottle or 250ml can.


Rejuvenate with our blend of grape and apple juices, boosted with ginseng and B vitamins for an energising lift.

Available in 330ml bottle or 250ml can.