A truly iconic British brand, known and loved for its distinctive taste and memorable advertising. It provides the ultimate refreshing, zingy flavour burst with each product packed full of that distinctive ‘tang’ which we all know and love.

Reasons to stock

  • Tango is a trusted brand

  • Tango has taste superiority vs the competition

  • Tango has doubled in size over the last 5 years and has grown 48% over the last year alone.

  • The strength of Tango's limited-edition flavours showcases an opportunity for outlets to drive excitement among consumers with a new and innovative flavour every year.

Our Tango range

Tango Orange is our hero but did you know we have a range of sugar free flavours too? 

Our Tango range is in double digit growth! We are constantly exploring new flavours to tickle your customers taste buds, getting them to come back again and again. Our limited edition flavour for 2024 is Mango.

Did someone say free POS?

Whether you're a licensed pub, a local cafe or independent takeaway, we have a Tango POS kit available for you to claim. Just sign in and get your Tango POS today.


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