The London Essence Co

We have opened up a new world of luxury mixers, combining deliciously sophisticated flavours made with distilled botanicals that will transform your guest’s experience with every sip.

Reasons to stock

  • Versatile range of tonics, sodas & gingers.

  • Enjoyed in the World’s Best Bars.

  • Delicately light and low, designed to complement premium spirits.

  • World leading dispense innovation - Freshly Infused.

Our Story

Our journey starts on the banks of the Thames in 1896, where the founders of The London Essence Company began to develop exquisite essences, for the city’s finest perfume houses.

Using a pioneering distillation process, combined with the intricate art of layering flavours, they created delicate essences, unparalleled in depth and fragrance.

Our Collection

Our luxe mixer collection has grown to include tonics, sodas and lemonade and gingers, each delicately light and low in calories, without an artificial sweetener in sight. Instead, every product delivers a thoughtfully calibrated taste profile, designed to enhance a premium spirit, or present an exquisite standalone drinking experience.

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Freshly Infused

We have created a sustainable and stylish way for bars to serve our globally renowned tonics, with our Freshly Infused dispense system.

The ease of pour, quality and taste, eye-catching fount and sustainability credentials make it popular with both guests and bartenders. Tonic on Tap showcases our carefully curated, versatile tonics and ensures the ultimate freshness with the purest flavour in every serve.

Maximise your guest experience by reducing time spent restocking high-volume lines, with a dispense system designed to balance both style and efficiency.

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