Founded in 1896. Renewed in 2016.

At The London Essence Co we continue a tradition established towards the end of the 19th century. Our predecessors used the knowledge and science gained during the creation of essences for leading perfume houses, to revolutionise the way food and drink companies thought about flavour.

Reasons to stock

  • Each one is delicately light & low in calories

  • Exquisite drinks from distilled essences

  • Designed with world renowned mixologists

  • Natural Sweetness

Founded at the turn of the 19th century

The London Essence Company was born in 1896 on the banks of the River Thames. Here The London Essence Company developed its knowledge and experience creating exquisite essences for the leading perfume brands of the time.

Our Collection

A beautiful range of tonics, delicately light gingers and sophisticated sodas for your premium offering.

We select the finest botanicals and gently distil them to capture their true essence, and so create drinks with the purest flavours.

This enables us to craft an elegant collection, always light in sugar, enabling the purest flavours of our drinks and alcohol to shine through.

We offer a breadth of range and flavours designed to entice the palate and deliver versatility in drinks creation.

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