Our London Essence range

The London Essence Company uses traditional distillation techniques to create light and elegant drinks for the 21st century. Using distilled essences, imagination and input from leading bartenders, we’ve crafted a range of carefully calibrated mixers with a contemporary edge.

Our entire collection is delicately light and low in calories, with naturally sourced sweetness and no more than 20 calories per 100ml. The result is a more sophisticated flavour profile that flatters discerning palates and allows the distinct notes of a spirit partner to shine through.

Tonic Collection

Indian Tonic Water
A precise balance of aromatic citrus notes, pleasantly bitter quinine and distilled juniper essence.
We recommend: pairing this versatile tonic water with your preferred premium gin or with a dark rum for a contemporary pairing. 

Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water
A precise balance of crisp grapefruit oils and distilled rosemary essence, with a hint of quinine.
We recommend: This pairs with citrus led gins and, if you feel adventurous, discover how it complements the bitterness of aperitifs.

Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water
A precise balance of tangy orange oils and distilled elderflower essence, with a touch of quinine.
We recommend: This bitter sweet tonic pairs well with both floral and citrus led gins, and for a contemporary twist, pair with dark spirits.

Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic Water
A precise balance of citrussy pomelo notes, the essence of warm pink peppercorn with a touch or quinine.
We recommend: pair with juniper-heavy gins, or delicious with both citrus led or floral gins.

Soda Collection

Soda Water
A precise, balanced and delicately filtered soda water. Designed to minimise mineral variations by triple filtering and finished with the perfect level of carbonation to accentuate the finest spirits.

Rhubarb & Cardamom Crafted Soda
A precise blend of rhubarb juice and distilled cardamom essence delivers an initial taste of candid berry, with a subtle spice finish.
We recommend: as a light treat on its own or add to a whisky for a contemporary variation.

White Peach & Jasmine Crafted Soda
A precise blend of white peach with distilled jasmine essence creating a delicately fruit experience with a gentle floral finish.
We recommend: mix with prosecco in a flute glass for a contemporary twist, or as an elegant soft drink choice.

Elderberry & Hibiscus Crafted Soda
A precise blend of elderberry with distilled hibiscus essence creating a rich flavour, with a slight tartness and subtle earthy finish.
We recommend: over ice or delicious when added to white wine for a more decadent spritzer.

Ginger Collection

Spiced Ginger Beer
A precise balance of steeped ginger roots with background notes of spice and hops.
We recommend: designed to be enjoyed alone or paired with premium whisky, vodka and dark rum to create classic cocktails.

Delicate Ginger Ale
A precise balance of steeped ginger roots with background notes of aniseed distillate.
We recommend: pairing this with a variety of blending whiskies or, for a contemporary take, try it with a cognac.