It is something we all need to be taking action on, so this section will help you understand how we are playing our part and how you can play yours, while it still benefitting your business.

The UK Government has recently published the Resources & Waste Strategy which aims to enable the UK to become a world leader in the efficient use of resources and reduce the overall waste. 

We recognise that this is something we all can have an impact on and we all have a responsibility to do what is necessary. 

A message from Paul Graham, Managing Director, Britvic GB

Paul gives us his take on Sustainability and explains what Britvic are aiming to achieve and why we are taking these measures now. 

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What we as Britvic are doing

Britvic has committed to reducing emissions (2017 baseline) from its own operations by 50% and upstream and downstream emissions by 35% by 2025 (36% reduction overall).

It has a further ambitious target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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Playing your part - how being more sustainable can help your business

According to waste specialist WRAP, the average cost of food waste for a hospitality business is £10,000 every year. And the scary thing is, this is just one part of a licensed venue’s overall waste.

Publicans can save thousands and help protect our environment by eliminating waste.

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Get your recycling cheat sheet

To do your part, your staff need to act as you would, recycling everything possible. The biggest issue we've found is that not all staff know what items go in which recycling bin.

This 1 page guide is something you can download, print off and stick on the wall or actually on your bins to make sure your staff recycle everything correctly.

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