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We've created a virtual experience to help explain our perfect path to purchase tips and advice

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Here at Sensational Drinks, we have created our own virtual licensed outlet, The Britvic Arms. This outlet offers you a virtual experience to help understand our Perfect Path to Purchase selling framework that will help you optimise your outlet and ultimately, help you sell more!

7 steps to the perfect path to purchase

An insight–led, execution focused framework to help unlock our category vision, ensuring you sell more soft drinks

Outlet of choice

Customers know why to visit your outlet over any other for their mission or occasion.​

9 in 10 customers have already chosen where they will visit when they plan to go out. Becoming part of the ‘go to’ repertoire & staying top of mind is key

Easy to navigate

Customers quickly and easily find their way to where soft drinks are located.

With visibility of soft drinks range often low, guests often default to what they know; cola / carbonated drinks / soda & lime, delivering less excitement & lower value.

Hot on hotspots

Customers notice soft drinks at multiple points on their journey, influencing their decision to buy​.

2/3rds of guests would choose and pay more for something new, special or different if made aware of it.

Range for today and tomorrow

Customers see a great soft drinks range that caters for their current and future needs.

Soft drinks preferences are changing and demand is increasing, however over half of all guests think the soft drinks range is uninspiring​.

Connect complementary categories

Customers spot cross-category solutions that nudge them to buy soft drinks on more occasions​.

The food and the drink proposition are both important in delivering the total outlet experience. With ‘to go with my food’ & ‘part of a deal’ being top drivers of soft drinks choice and subsequent drinks.

Make moments more memorable

Customers enjoy an elevated experience, encouraging them to buy more soft drinks​.

With customers increasingly seeking experience, exploration & quality over quantity this offers a great opportunities when eating & drinking out.

Focus on fundamentals

Customers have a smooth, hassle-free journey from start to finish, with all barriers removed.

Simplicity, speed & great customer service is key to visit satisfaction. For soft drinks ‘serve cold, with extra ice and fruit garnish’ comes in top​.

Visit our virtual outlet

The Britvic Arms is waiting for you, where you can walk around and gain valuable insight.

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