Key food trends for 2019

We've scoured the market to review what's hot and what's not for 2019 so you can stay one step ahead with your food menus.

Top Food Trends in 2019

The Classics are still king

Tastes in food may be constantly changing, but when it comes to menu’s, the classics and old favourites remain king.

Serving consistent, reliable food is what consumers are looking for and the classic dishes they know and love are a sure-fire way to keep them coming back.

While the healthy food trend remains a hot topic, the classics are definitely still on the menu.

Every dish tells a story

Guests have become more interested in where their food comes from and how it’s prepared. Driving demand for food that’s both safe to eat, and locally sourced.

We now look out for food made with care and skill, most importantly it must tell a story. Whether it be the provenance of the dish, the use of local ingredients or the impact they have on the environment. We are on the look out for food with clear origins, so don't be afraid of taking things back to basics.

The Chefs skills are also on show here, dishes that pay homage to their craft, with exciting flavours and ingredients that deliver vibrant textures, colours or taste experiences. Delivering food worth waiting for, such as slow-cooked dishes; smoked, charred, burnt and/or blackened foods; artisanal produce; pickled or fermented ingredients and new ways with dairy.

Go Gourmet

We’ve all seen Masterchef, and we’re fast becoming a nation of foodies. So we’re on the hunt for extravagant foods and a touch of luxury. It’s time to put you own twists on classic dishes by introducing new ingredients or serving in new and interesting ways. From using ancient grains to re-inventing the humble sandwich. It’s worth taking inspiration from street food which has paved the way for different cuisines to be re-imagined.

The Blue Planet

Consumer today are more aware of the damage that we’re doing to our planet, this has led to a more socially and environmentally aware diners. So in 2019 we'll see demand growing for more sustainable foods with less food waste. Consider more meat-free meal options on your menus, with new and interesting vegetables taking the lead on a number of dishes. Try experimenting with lesser known cuts of meat or more sustainably caught fish varieties, all of this will help to make your diners feel better about their dining experience.

Sensory Explosions

Our food must look as good as it tastes, appealing to the ‘Instagram’ phenomenon. We want to eat food we cannot get at home, with new flavours, colours, textures and exotic ingredients. We’re looking to experiment and take more risks, seeking out over-the-top, edgy foods. From edible florals through to blackened food, 2019 is all about awakening the senses

Cuisine Trends 2019

Best of British

As Brexit approaches diners will be craving Great British comfort food, with 2019 bringing a celebration of the best of British cuisine, ingredients and producers. From the renaissance of the traditional Sunday Roast (with Yorkshire pudding) or Whale sized Fish and Chips to a great British steak pie or Cornish pasty.

We’ll be tucking into more seasonal produce and locally sourced dishes, including; Locally caught fish, British reared meat, game and poultry; Free range or organic eggs and locally foraged leaves and herbs.

Modern Europe

Mediterranean foods are a key part of any menu, and they are set to become even more popular with consumers, who will be looking for even more authentic experiences. Expect to see more regional dishes from Europe on the menu. Classic French items like Coq au Vin or rustic Italian antipasta, cured meats, or bruschetta’s, paella and chorizo sausage from Spain.

Authentically Asian

Asian cuisine continues its rise in popularity. Alongside the more traditional favourites such as korma, tikka masala, sweet and sour and egg fried rice. Consumers are now increasingly seeking out more interesting and different regional Asian dishes.

So expect to see more Korean, Thai , Malaysian Japanese and Sri Lankan inspired dishes emerging, using ingredients like yuzu, miso, matcha, soy sauce, turmeric and coconut adding new flavour and experience to more mainstream menus.


With its spicy heat and exotic flavours, Latin American food has always been popular. In 2019 this is set to continue. With new interesting and more authentic takes on these hot and zesty favourites. We’ve come a long way since the Tex-Mex revolution and now are embracing real authentic latin cuisine.

Southern American dishes like Cajun chicken, biscuits and waffles are also set for the mainstream. Combining both sweet and savoury flavours, like pancakes coloured with fruit and sharing platters boasting flavour and texture.

Arabian Nights

Persian, Iranian, Afghan and Lebanese restaurants have been establishing themselves in major cities over the past few years and many consumers are now starting to fall in love with the cuisine. As a relatively healthy cuisine, traditional Middle Eastern food it also appeals to the more health conscious consumer. So look out for ingredients like rose, za’atar, harissa, freekeh, dukkah, za’atar and labneh as.


Afro-carribean food combines colourful, exciting range of tastes with unusual ingredients and textures. The rise of Street Food paved the way for consumers to experiment with different cuisines, So expect to see more ‘jerk’ inspired recipes and typically Afro-carribean ingredients like Goat, plaintain and breadfruit appearing on menus in 2019.

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