Get booking! A busy venue breeds more demand

Maximising your capacity will be another important part of success this summer and a good booking system for this is vital.

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With distancing measures still in place until at least 19th July, a smart plan around reservations remains essential for capitalising on an increase footfall. Double bookings, no spare walk-in tables, ineffective turnovers, and slow service can put customers off instantly.

This may not sound significant, especially if your venue is busy anyway, but this can snowball and then word of mouth can spread through a network of like-minded customers who may not risk it twice. This is where the little actions now can significantly impact the bottom line throughout the summer.

“To negate the risks of managing multiple bookings this summer, make sure you utilise a reservation system you can trust,” said Lachlan. “I’d also urge managers to triple check that their opening hours are up to date on Google as times have obviously fluctuated so much for so many over the past year.  Make sure there is a link to your website/booking system on the Google results page, and facilitate automated, easy to navigate booking systems.”

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