Serve for Success within your food business

Selecting the right range is only one part of the process, to get sales flying, it’s all in the delivery.

When it comes to catering for the public sector, whether that be in education, healthcare or workplace settings, it’s all about the delivery of your product. It is important, now more than ever, to ensure your serve matches with the experience you want people to have.

Schools and care homes are a prime example. In both these sectors it’s about providing your audience with not only a wide choice of great tasting drinks to satisfy individual demands, but to deliver on a range of healthy, nutritious, convenient and easy to drink products. The same applies to workplace catering. When the UK’s offices begin to fill back up following the Covid-19 crisis, workplace outlets will be geared up for operating in many different ways. Some might even up their game to introduce a more premium experience. So why not focus on offering the most sensational drinks experience, whatever and wherever the outlet.

Why presentation is key

While consumer expectations are changing in pretty much every sector, it’s important that you still continue to surprise and delight every one of them. Think about your current drink presentation. Could you do better? No matter what the drink and catering outlet, it can always be enhanced.

Simple steps to delight your customer

Education | As health continues to dominate our industry, particularly within schools and university settings, why not explore this trend further by looking for lower sugar and calorie options as well as natural functional drinks. Have another look at your labelling. Could you find ways to make your offer more appealing to children and younger adults? Be brave, go bold!

Healthcare | Find different ways to market your drinks in the healthcare space, what are people in this setting looking for? It is likely they are more conscious of their health. Think about offering drinks with added functional benefits, whether that is in a hospital canteen or in care facilities.

Workplace | Workplace catering can be anything from small bespoke cafes to fine and executive dining.  For those operating a more premium experience, here’s some top tips to help you deliver the best serve:

  1. Presentation
    First impressions count, so to create the right impression think about how the finished drink will be presented. Those extra touches make a good drink, into a great experience when appropriate. Can you add extra options to your drinks in workplace canteens to make your customers feel like they don’t need to leave the office to pick something up from the high street?
  2. Staff training
    People are looking for an experience they could not get at home. Training is vital to ensure that every drink is served with panache
  3. Pricing
    It's a fact, consumers are willing to pay more for a better quality of experience, so here's your chance to up your game, and make more profit from each serve
  4. Temperature
    Drinks should be served at the right temperature, so add ice to cold drinks. A few degrees can make a real difference.

Think about your staff

Educate your staff to follow our simple serve guidelines and principles to help create a better experience for your audience.