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Make the most of a summer of music

It’s known the world over that Brits need very little reason to go to the pub, but a quarter of customers said the temptation would be greater if a venue was offering live music or a music-themed event. Other than putting on a regular live band or open-mic night on specific days, operators can go further by using music to compliment bigger events to create a well-rounded and memorable experience for their customers.

Ideas to make music a part of your venue:

  • Pubs and bars situated near large concert venues can tap into the crowds that gather prior to seeing singers by creating pre-show food and drink menus that begin and end at set times
  • Have a big screen or projector? Set up a live stream of festivals such as Glastonbury or Reading & Leeds and create that festival feeling in your pub garden.
  • Add authenticity and flare to themes and events by hiring niche bands and performers to compliment the atmosphere.
  • Create an event around a musical theme, such as Lazy Jazz in the Garden. Venues with big, sunny gardens can set up deckchairs and parasols, allow bookings on picnic benches and also provide picnic banquettes and baskets to customers who want to enjoy a light and lazy day of music with food and nibbles
  • Create your own festival with local bands or DJ’s, you could even tap into your venue’s name for a fun play on words for the title of the festival such as ‘Coachella & Horses Festival’ or ‘Isle of White Lion Festival’.
  • Tribute acts and bands can also be a good way to capitalise on the buzz of a popstar visiting a region or the UK in general

Elevate the experience:

  • Make it exclusive for customers so they feel more special by giving them the opportunity to book tables, booths and garden areas
  • Develop a tier of packages for customers to buy into, including drinks in ice buckets, simple food and snacks as well as add-on sales, such as unlimited soft drink refills for a set price
  • Decorate your venue and garden so it is in keeping with the music on offer. Consider bunting for international events, and free and tasteful fancy dress and props for customers to wear
  • Think about if you could create a pop-up outdoor bar. Not only will this alleviate queues at the bar inside but also maintains the festival vibe.
  • Never miss an opportunity by including your brand on any assets such as “Instagrammable” backdrops, props and eye-catching food and drink serves. And it goes without saying these days, but write your pub’s social media handle and preferred hashtags wherever you can to cash in on free marketing

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