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Celebrate British serves & boost sales this summer

Cocktails and long mixed drinks are not just beverages; they’re a celebration of culture and tradition. With the growing trend of cocktail consumption in venues, there’s a golden opportunity to infuse a sense of British pride into every glass.

The number one reason that one in five on-trade customers[1] regularly drink cocktails is ‘for a treat’[2] and quality is paramount for cocktail connoisseurs, with 72% looking for high-quality serves over cheaper options[3] . This presents an opportunity for operators to differentiate their offerings and offer a good quality menu by showcasing expertly crafted cocktails that celebrate the rich traditions and flavours of Britain.  

A toast to British excellence

The heart of any cocktail is in the mixer and with Britvic mixers and juices rich in British heritage, you can’t go wrong. Combining them with quintessential British spirits such as London dry gins and English vodkas and experimenting with local ingredients like botanicals, fruits, and bitters, can provide customers with an elevated experience and also offers higher margins. Also consider trying different glassware and playing with locally produced garnishes too.


Classic pairings

Pairing cocktails with classic dishes is a great opportunity to drive upselling on your menu. Our refreshing Brit Spritz – a British twist on an Aperol Spritz – pairs perfectly with Italian style dishes such as pizza and pasta. Our Brit Bloody Mary is also a great addition to your brunch menu. List pairings such as these on your menu using the Sensational Drinks menu builder to inspire customers, offering them as a set price will drive value for money and further encourage purchase.

Britvic True Brit Serve Ideas

But the cocktail world is vast, so by embracing and celebrating the diverse world of cocktails and adding a British twist to them, pub and bar operators can tap into a lucrative market and become destinations for discerning cocktail enthusiasts searching for high-quality experiences. Our ‘True Brit’ serves do just that...

  • Brit Spritz

    25ml Gin (British), 25ml Aperol (Bitter Aperitif), 10ml Britvic Blackcurrant Cordial, 200ml Britvic Soda Water

  • British Mule

    50ml Vodka, 10ml Britvic Lime Cordial, 200ml Britvic Ginger Beer

  • British Pink Lemonade

    50ml Pink Gin (British), 4 Strawberry Halves, 200ml R Whites Lemonade

  • British Summer Punch

    50ml Spiced Rum, 10ml Britvic Lime Cordial, 200ml Britvic Pineapple Juice

  • Brit Gin & Tonic

    50ml British Gin, 10ml Britvic Lime Cordial, 200ml Britvic Indian Tonic Water

  • British Breeze

    50ml Vodka (British), 20ml Britvic Lime Cordial, 200ml Britvic Cranberry Juice

  • Brit Bloody Mary

    50ml British Vodka, 2 dash of Worcestershire Sauce, 4 dash of Tabasco, Pinch of salt & black pepper, 200ml Britvic Tomato Juice

True Bit Point of Sale Kit

Don’t forget to make sure that you are letting your customers know about your exciting new British twists on classic cocktails with our POS kit to highlight the serves and grab customers’ attention when ordering their next drink.

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