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How to drive more sales through social media

In the digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for hospitality businesses aiming to increase sales and engage with customers. From showcasing your offerings to interacting with guests, a well-executed social media strategy can significantly boost your bottom line. Let's explore practical tips to help your hospitality business drive more sales through social media.

You're in control

This means you can be flexible and timely, but think about whether it’s realistic for all the content to come from one person. An owner or manager may be too busy to post regularly and everyone needs a holiday. Getting the balance right is important as you want to make sure there is always someone available who has access to the social account, but if too many people get involved the tone of voice and language used could be inconsistent. 

Use your team

Try choosing a maximum number of three trusted staff members to run the channels, and it’s a good idea to put some rules in place. For example, agree roughly how many posts will be sent out each week, the type of content you want to promote specifically in the weeks or month ahead and who is responsible for ‘liking’ or replying to customers. Make this a fun element of the job and get staff members who enjoy using social media involved – asking them to come up with ideas and even offering an incentive such as a complimentary round of drinks will encourage them to do a good job.

Images grab attention

Whether you want to promote specific menu items, a happy hour or upcoming event – accompanying images are a good idea for your post. Particularly if you are using Instagram, high quality pictures of your venue, food or drinks are really important. It’s worth investing time and some money in photographing some great shots – look into using a local photographer who can capture a selection of images throughout a day’s session, which you can then use on an ongoing basis.


The next thing to consider is using hashtags to go alongside your posts, as on Twitter and Instagram people will search via these. Look at what has the most hits and try ones such as #cocktails #happyhour or #foodinspiration. You can also hashtag your location and create your venue’s own one as well. You could print your own hashtag on the bottom of menus or on table talkers, encouraging guests to share their snaps with this and tagging your account. This will help raise awareness of your profile in the early days. Another great way of getting noticed in the local area on social media is by following other local businesses or community groups. You can then encourage them through the doors by inviting them to your venue with a bespoke promotion. 

Use paid posts

Investing in paid posts can help you target specific audiences via their location, interests, age or who else they follow – increasing your engagement levels and driving footfall. If you have an existing customer database, you can even upload this and target these people via Instagram. Paid posts don’t have to cost a fortune, you can spend as little as you want but we recommend £50 for your first post in order for you to see results. You can promote anything you like, but make sure you have a clear call to action – like encouraging people to come in and try a new menu item, sign up to a newsletter, book to attend an event or visit to watch the screening of live sporting event.

With 80% of Instagram users alone following a business, it’s crucial that licensed venues see social media as a crucial marketing tool that can successfully influence its target audience.

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