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How to bring new life to your spring summer drinks menu

The buzz of summer brings with it warmer weather, lighter evenings and consumers eager to drink fresh and vibrant beverages. Now is the time to start thinking how to create a new drinks menu as well as adapting existing ones to offer your customers some fresh and exciting spring/summer drinks to entice them through the doors and encourage them to come back for more.

A new season calls for new flavours and ideas, something with a point of difference to grab your customers’ attention. Juices and cordials give drinks a fruity twist for example, and herbs and spices can add an extra layer of interest to your spring menu. Experiment with new combinations of soft drinks or combine them with a spirit to create something a bit different.  Also think about including seasonal ingredients like apples, strawberries or blackcurrants, which can elevate a simple serve into a beautifully seasonal drink.   

Also, don’t forget the presentation of your drinks. Think about garnishes and decorations to create an aesthetically pleasing and Instagram ready serve. Also do make use of parts of fruits that might otherwise go in the bin, such as citrus peel, pineapple fronds or the leaves from berry bushes to reduce waste.

Of course, bringing new life to your serves doesn’t mean completely changing all of your existing recipes. Instead, look for opportunities to tweak these and your processes to make them more efficient, or even add a new twist. Get creative with classic drinks which are firm favourites such as a G&T and experiment with different seasonal fruits as garnishes and different flavoured mixers such as the ones you will find in the Britvic mixers range. 

Including some alcohol free serves at your bar will also cater to the growing number of consumers who are looking to reduce their alcohol intake. Consider spring inspired specials in the form of long drinks such as a J2O Spritz with a burst of fresh seasonal fruit or fun mocktails to cater to this demand and offer your customers a more elevated experience. 

To take this one step further, why not look at matching your drinks to different foods on your menu and calling these out for consumers. Creating bespoke spring food and drink pairings with seasonal ingredients will also allow you to offer something new and exciting. Make sure to include favourites such as roast lamb, baked salmon or chicken pot pie. 

It’s also worth thinking about outdoor serves as the weather gets warmer and consumers look to spend more time outside. Consider ways in which you can create a unique outdoor experience for customers, such as installing a cocktail garden, serving spritzes and colourful spring cocktails to refresh.

Whichever spring specials you decide to offer in your pub or bar this season, make sure to promote them on social media and through marketing materials. This will help to get the word out and drive footfall to your establishment, while also creating a bit of springtime excitement.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity spring brings to offer an experience that will leave your customers wanting more.