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Tips to get your staff to upsell effectively

Upselling is crucial to the success of your outlet. Perfecting the art of the upsell so it is done effectively can be tricky, but we’ve pulled together some key pieces of advice to help you and your staff master the task.

Quick service restaurants and travel catering all have something in common, and that’s speed. Customers who order from any of these outlets need to be in and out, which is why your menu, particularly your takeaway offering, needs to be impressive.

The good news is, when a customer wants to order from you, whether that be in store or online, you are already halfway there. You have their attention and they want your food or/and drink. You need to capitalise on this. Make the upsell a deal, something to make the customer feel they have won. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a well designed and laid out menu. They can offer plentiful upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The same goes for those offering a delivery service. Why not sneak in a special or a promotional menu along with the customer’s meal to help encourage them to order something new next time?

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