Your guide to barware

We've pulled together a simple list of your barman and mixing equipment to help your staff work more efficiently in busy times.

1. Fine Strainer - A metal strainer with an extra-fine mesh. Used with shaken cocktails to filter out unwanted ice shards.
2. Three Piece Shaker - This shaker has the added component of a built in strainer.
3. Mixing Glass - Used for stirring drinks with ice.
4. Duster - Ideal for garnishing with icing sugar, chocolate and cinnamon.
5. Bar Knife - Keep blades sharp for cutting, slicing & peeling.
6. Chopping Board - Have a board just for cocktails and keep it clean to avoid cross-contamination of flavours.
7. Peeler - Used to obtain the correct sized slivers of citrus peel.
8. Tongs - Keep things hygienic and avoid frosty fingers by serving ice with stainless steel ice tongs.
9. Jiggers - A metal beaker for measuring liquids.
10. Bar Spoon - A long-handled spoon ideal for stirring, soft rotating, measuring, swizzling, bruising & layering.
11. Hawthorne Strainer - A type of metal sieve with a spring coil around its head. It is used with Boston shakers to allow only the liquid through and prevents muddled fruits and seeds entering your drinks as you pour.
12. Muddler - A long pestle used for crushing fresh fruits, citrus peels, herbs & spices.
13. Cocktail Shaker Tins - Two Boston tins are put together and allow a cocktail to be shaken within them.
14. Ice Pick - Used to carve and shape large ice blocks to fit glassware and create impactful visual effects.
15. Bottle Opener.