Your guide to glassware

Here are the 12 types of glassware used when mixing and which types of drinks they are used for.

Using the right glass for a particular drink isn’t just about looking good, the size and shape of a glass also serves a specific purpose. It is also important that the glass looks reasonably full; smaller glasses allow you to serve smaller quantities of high quality spirits and mixers. Let's break down each type of glasses.

Old Fashioned

Short and wide, heavy-bottomed glass.

Used for indulgent cocktails, the heavier the glass the more luxurious and filling the cocktail appears.


Short and wide.

Named for serving drinks over ice “on the rocks”.


A staple glass for every bar.

This is the glass of choice for a long drink served with ice.


Very similar to the highball but usually taller and thinner. Great for cocktails like mojitos, the mint will look more consistent throughout the drink and cannot hide in the middle.


Also known as the cocktail glass; it’s about as iconic as a cocktail glass can be.

The wide rim of the glass allows the guest to get close to the liquid and enjoy the aroma.


A very attractive, bowl-shaped champagne glass.

It has become very popular with Martinis, sours and other cocktails.


25ml glass used for sipping spirits or liqueurs, although this may not be how your customers use them.

Irish coffee

Doesn't just have to be for Irish coffee though.

This small, heat resistant glass is perfect for holding hot cocktails. Boozy hot chocolate anyone?


A long, narrow-stemmed glass, not just for champagne or prosecco.

Very good for maintaining carbonation in cocktails because of the low surface area.


Again, not just for your Pinot Grigio. 

This glass is perfect for cocktails with delicate flavours, allowing them to bottleneck at the top and create an intense aroma.


A metal cup made of pewter, silver or copper and, as the name suggests, is the perfect vessel for the Julep cocktail.

Nick & Nora

A glass that has become popular since 2016.

This variant of a Martini and coupette glass is fantastic for straight up cocktails

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