Selling your range

So you’ve selected your range, trained the team to deliver the perfect serve, now’s the time to shout about your range.

Merchandising is a combination of product display, visual sales messages, point of sale and menus. The correct use of merchandising can lead to drink choices that are more profitable for you, and getting it right could lead to an increase in consumer spend per head by 9%.

Setting your fridge for success

Proper fridge layout can significantly boost sales. Arrange items logically for easy access, while enticing customers to buy higher-margin products.

Prioritise the top and middle shelves for premium, niche, and new items. Use the bottom shelf for core essentials, kids' products, and mixers.

Stack or block similar products vertically or horizontally for maximum impact, ensuring at least two facings of each. Give extra space to high-margin products, as these are the most profitable.

Need some more guidance? Try our fridge planner.

Making your menu sing

Your menu is one of the most important tools in your selling armoury, it’s the one place that guests can see your whole offer, it’s also your opportunity to influence guests to the products that you want to drive.

From food and drink menus, to cocktails and kids, getting your menu in shape will make a real impact on your bottom line.  

Create a menu for free using our menu maker.

Display excellence

Eye level is buy level, so these places are the prime selling positions or hot spots in your outlet where customers are most likely to be influenced.  

Make it bold. If you want to push a particular product you can't beat a big display. Use products or a combination of point of sale and products to make an eye catching block display that will disrupt the customers normal field of vision.

Keep any displays clean and well lit, and back it up with staff training on the featured products so you can convert interest into purchase. Keep it fresh, your display should be regularly refreshed to keep customers interested.

Sell it with social media

With the growth of social media, review sites, websites and community forums, guests can be influenced before they even enter your outlet. So don't miss out on digital. 

There's always a range of things for you to shout about. Whether you want to promote specific menu items, a happy hour event, drum up interest in an upcoming event or a theme night its time to get social. 

Check out our social media marketing guide to start you on your way.

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