Serve for success

Selecting the right range is only one part of the process, to get sales flying, it’s all in the delivery.

Why is serve important?

It’s crucial for your drinks to stand out. As people dine out less, they seek unique experiences. Drinks should do more than refresh; they should wow and be Instagram-worthy, with or without alcohol.

Ensure your drinks align with the experience you want to offer. Premium venues need sensational drinks, as customers are willing to pay more for premium experiences.

  • It delivers a better experience for your guests
  • It helps keep drinkers coming back to the bar
  • It also encourages people to keep come back to your venue
  • A ‘better’ serve allows a trade up opportunity and increased spend per head
  • Your other guests will see it, and want it!

Whilst guest expectations are changing you can continue to surprise and delight them. No matter what the drink, it can always be enhanced, from branded glasses to serve beers, ciders and soft drinks, to the right cocktail and wine glasses styles to enhance the drink experience. Scroll down for our expert tips.

1. Glassware

First impressions count, so to create the right impression think about how the finished drink will be presented. The style of glassware you use to serve the finished drink in speaks volumes about the quality.

2. Garnish

Those extra touches make a good drink, into a great experience. Garnish not only adds extra flavour dimension to a drink, but also shows you care. 

3. Staff training

Guests are looking for an experience they could not get at home. It's the craft of the bar tender or barista that keeps them coming back for more. Training is vital to ensure that every drink is served with panache.

4. Pricing

It's a fact, guests are willing to pay more for a better quality of experience, so here's your chance to up your game, and make more profit from each serve.

5. Temperature

We know that the temperature of a soft drink adds to the taste appeal and a cold drink will always be the most refreshing, so ensure you are always serving your drinks over ice, or when restocking your chiller, stock from the back to avoid customers selecting a warm bottle or can from your fridge. A few degrees can make a real difference.

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