Fruit Shoot

There’s real fruit in every drop and each and every one contains multi-vitamins. Better still, we don’t add any sugar, artificial colours or flavourings. So, with our on-the-go bottles and exciting flavours, kids have the freedom to do what they love with their favourite Fruit Shoot by their side.

Why stock Fruit Shoot?

  • No added sugar, artificial colours or flavourings so is below the sugar levy.

  • Fruit Shoot offers a offers a full range to cater for different ages and occasions

  • Fruit Shoot Hydro is perfect for parents wanting their children to drink more water

Order your free activity sheets

Drive your Fruit Shoot sales with this exclusive pack of kids activity sheets. Perfect for school holidays and bank holiday seasons.

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Our Fruit Shoot range

With Fruit Shoot and Fruit Shoot Hydro, we offer seven different flavours to suit all different ages and tastes!

  • Fruit Shoot Orange

  • Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrant

  • Fruit Shoot Summer Fruits

  • Fruit Shoot Apple

  • Fruit Shoot Hydro Apple & Raspberry flavoured water

  • Fruit Shoot Hydro Blackcurrant flavoured water

  • Fruit Shoot Hydro Orange & Pineapple flavoured water

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