We make naturally delicious plant-based drinks out of the best organic ingredients on earth.

Why stock Plenish

  • Plant-based with natural, organic ingredients in our m*lks & juices, and vitamins added to our shots.
  • Appeal to the increase in customers making a conscious effort to consume healthier options.
  • Our m*lks and juices have no flavourings, no preservatives, no additives.

Our juices

Our fruit and veg juices contain nothing but the finest organic produce, cold-pressed to release all of their natural goodness.

Our little shots punch way above their weight. Packed with fresh, cold-pressed ingredients and combining potent natural superfoods with 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, B12 or millions of live cultures.

Our barista m*lks

Our barista m*lks are about to make your morning macchiato, show some serious love to your iced latte and breathe life into your flat white.

We’ve spent the last few years perfecting our barista recipes to bring you functionality without compromise. The creaminess. The foam. The flavour. But none of the oils, the gums or additives.

Oat M*lk, Almond M*lk, Soya M*lk

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