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J2O Winter Woo Woo

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  • J2O Apple & Raspberry
  • Rum (Spiced)
  • Peach Schnapps
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A traditional Woo Woo contains vodka, cranberry, lime and peach liqueur. For our Winter Woo Woo we have created a seasonal twist with warming Spiced rum, Peach liqueur and fruity J2O Apple & Raspberry. The orange garnish complements the heat of the spiced rum J2O Apple and Raspberry is an ideal ingredient for fruity, long serves as it contains a bang of fruity flavour that hits the taste-buds with refreshing apple and sweet raspberry. It’s sweet and quick to make. And it looks extra beautiful in a decorative J2O glass. Enjoy!


  • 1 full bottle of J2O Apple & Raspberry

  • 25ml Spiced Rum

  • 25ml Peach Liqueur


Build, stir and garnish with an Orange wheel

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J2O glass

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