How fresh dispense can solve Deposit Return Scheme challenges

For some hospitality outlets, a DRS may pose challenges in terms of container (especially glass) storage, administration and cash flow. To this end, some outlets may want to review their pack mix offering and give more focus to the branded fresh drink opportunity – historically known as “dispense”.

The benefits of fresh drink dispense

Fresh drinks have some great consumer benefits:

  • Made to order
  • Always chilled to perfection
  • Adds theatre if in iconic glassware with garnish
  • Significant environmental advantages – fresh dispense is a great solution for plastic packaging.

What we’re doing to support fresh drink dispense and DRS

Britvic is a leader in this area and we already provide fresh drink solutions to over 30,000 customers nationwide, with a wide variety of equipment types available to suit the smallest to the biggest outlets, backed up by award-winning servicing support.

We offer a wide range of great dispense drinks to delight hospitality consumers. We’re working hard to think “beyond the bottle” and bring you even more packaging and product choices to delight your consumers.

Reducing glass waste with London Essence Fresh Serve Tonic

Our latest innovation is London Essence Fresh Serve.

The boom in tonics was fuelled by the “gin revolution”, but other spirits are enjoying their own renaissance too, with bespoke flavour mixers being created. A big sustainability challenge associated with this growth is the large amount of glass bottles used by outlets. A busy outlet can use several hundred bottles of tonic per week – that can equate to a few tonnes of glass packaging each year!

London Essence Fresh Serve is the UK’s first freshly made, infused tonic system. Britvic’s patented micro-dosing technology uses distilled essences to gently infuse a single pure flavour at the last possible moment, maximising freshness. The premium fount creates a range of five delicious, freshly infused, premium tonic waters, as well as offering customers a sustainability breakthrough.



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