Which Social Media platform is right for you?

Whether you’re new to social media, or simply want to up your game, you’re bound to have witnessed first-hand your customers’ passion for sharing snaps online. So how can you capitalise on this?

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It might feel like a minefield to begin with, but with 88% of people admitting they are influenced by reviews and online comments, businesses can’t afford not to get social. 

According to CGA, two-thirds of guests to London’s 100 most influential bars say they have uploaded a picture of a cocktail onto social media. 

First things first if you’re a beginner, you need to decide which social media channel works best for your business and which is worth investing time into. Take a look at the information we’ve provided on who is using which channel and why you might prefer one over another:



Typical audience: 30 – 59 year olds (2.3bn users/month)

What can you do: Post updates, pictures, videos or link to your menu or latest offers
You can also: Set up event notifications and answer customer questions

Best for: Targeting your customers in a specific area
Downside: Crowded with competitors

Did you know? Your Facebook page can play host to reviews and recommendations from customers



18 – 39 year olds (321m users/month)

What can you do: Post status updates within 280 characters
You can also: Engage with new followers through hashtags

Best for: Jumping on the back of existing events or hashtags
Downside: Limited character space for your updates

Did you know? Twitter has become an increasingly popular platform for customer service queries



Typical audience:
18 – 39 year olds (users/month)

What can you do: Post image led updates
You can also: Create stories for live events

Best for: Sharing your latest photos
Downside: You can’t include links within posts

Did you know? Instagram continues to expand and has now launched its IGTV app where you can share up to 10 minute videos

Chosen which platform you want to use?

Check out our next Social Media guide that can help you turn posts and videos into sales drivers.

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