Your Fridge Planner

Use this interactive tool to help you plan your fridge with range advice for your outlet

Welcome to the Britvic Fridge Planner. 

This is where you will be able to find tailored fridge strategy with both category and product advice.

Fridge Strategy

Just choose you outlet type and the fridge shape you have in your outlet and get product range fair advice about what types of drinks to stock and where they should fit in your fridge. 

There is also advice for each category of products, helping you understand why they are important, why you should stock them and how they compliment one another.

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Product planner

Once you've seen the fridge strategy, it's on to seeing what we recommend actually goes in your fridge.

To help you customise it to exactly what you want, you can swap products in and out to create your very own bespoke fridge design, which you can then save as a PDF and print off.

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