Outlet re-open and recovery

Our 4 part series shows how operators can ramp up profits before June 21st

Nothing demonstrates the UK public’s desire to get back into pubs and bars like the outpouring of excitement that greeted the Prime Minister’s roadmap out of restrictions late last month. With an end to all restrictions penciled-in for June 21st (at the earliest), social media was abuzz with anticipation - alongside swelling calls for the day to be made a bank holiday – showing just how eager consumers are to enjoy a day out in the on-trade with friends and family after a year to forget.

Away from the headline date, others that will be equally significant for operators are April 12 and May 17, when outlets are expected to be given the go ahead to open their outdoor and then indoor areas for business.

With demand likely to be sky high from April and the removal of the 10pm curfew and substantial meal requirement – operators will no doubt be looking for ways in which they can reopen as fruitfully as possible. With that in mind, we’ve looked at four crucial ways to boost profits in your venue from the word go.

Part one: Maximise your outdoor space

It has been announced that outlets will be able to re-open outdoor only sooner than inside, so should you take advantage of this?

There is more you need to think about now, but with these tips, you could be up and running sooner than expected.

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Part two: Efficient teams can shine this spring

While many venues won’t be able to benefit from outside trading, all outlets can certainly reap the rewards of being more efficient with their use of employees over the coming months.

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Part three: Organise your indoor layout

When on-trade venues were able to trade last year, one of the key lessons learnt was coping with enhanced demand with reduced capacity.

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Part four: Maximising spend per head

When customers are finally back, it's going to be so important to make the most of their custom. Offer them every reason you can to stay and enjoy some hospitality!

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