As the original & No.1 Adult soft drink, J2O is perfectly positioned to maximise the opportunity​ with a go-to bar call

Reasons to stock

  • Mass awareness: ​ 79% of consumers are aware of the J2O brand, making it top of mind in buying situations – the highest in the Adult category

  • Your customers will pay more for a J2O as it's a category beacon

  • We invest in the marketing: J2O will be front of mind with your customers with our multi-million £ campaigns

Our J2O range

Our fruit blends pack a 'bang' of fruity flavour that hits the taste-buds, while our Spritz range are light, sweet flavoured with a gentle effervescent fizz for a moreish food partner.

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J2O Mocktails

Give your consumers the great taste of their favourite cocktails, all in one convenient non-alcoholic can. The canned format of our J2O Ready-To-Drink Mocktails also ensures that bartenders are able to produce consistent serves every time – ensuring no compromise on taste or quality, even when the bar is busy.

Our three-strong premium range of non-alcoholic options includes: Strawberry & Orange Blossom Mojito, White Peach & Mango Daiquiri, and Blackberry & Blueberry Martini flavours.



Did someone say free glassware?

Serve up your J2Os in exclusive Glassware, just right to add your ice and a slice

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