Our J2O Range

We have a great range of great tasting flavours within our J2O portfolio, giving you the perfect options for your specific customer needs and the social occassions specific to your outlet.

Our core J2O Blends

J2O Orange & Passion Fruit

A mouth-watering blend - zesty orange and exotic passionfruit perfectly blended into a classic flavour combination.

J2O Apple & Raspberry ​

An exquisite blend of refreshing apple and sweet raspberry for a mouth-watering flavour.​

J2O Apple & Mango ​

A perfectly blended juice drink - refreshing apple delicately balanced with fruity Mango.​

J2O Seasonal Limited Editions

J2O Glitterberry​

A festive blend of grape, cherry and winter spices infused with edible gold glitter for an exciting festive drinking experience.​

J2O Summer Shine​

A perfect blend of juicy pears with exotic guava flavours and infused with a sprinkling of edible gold glitter to make your summer shine (literally!).​

Our J2O Spritz range

J2O Spritz Apple & Watermelon​

A refreshing blend of fresh apple, cool watermelon and a dash of bubbles. Two delicious fruits, blended in one irresistible drink.

J2O Spritz Apple & Elderflower ​

A delicious blend of crisp apples and a hint of elderflower go perfectly with delicate bubbles. 

​J2O Spritz Pear & Raspberry​

A rich and crisp blend of fresh pear and luscious raspberry to provide perfectly balanced sparkling refreshment. 

J2O Mocktails - Coming Soon!

J2O, the UK’s number one adult soft drink[1], is expanding its offering with ready-to-drink Mocktails, launching a three-strong premium range of non-alcoholic options. Strawberry & Orange Blossom Mojito, White Peach & Mango Daiquiri, and Blackberry & Blueberry Martini flavours will all be available from October in on-trade venues. The move is set to help the brand expand its appeal into even more occasions, at a time when non-alcoholic options are continuing to gain relevance.

[1]NielsenIQ RMS Grocery Multiples&Convenience Impulse, Defined Adult Soft Drinks, Combined MAT Value sales w/e 30.06.23 CGA by Nielsen IQ, Total Licensed, w/e 26.08.23