Mathieu Teisseire

A celebration of 300 years of true flavour

Reasons to stock

  • Superior Flavour: Each recipe is individually crafted using a unique sugar blend that delivers a balanced, longer lasting flavour

  • Quality, Versatile Serves: 37 delicious syrup flavours are now available in the UK to elevate the taste of a variety of quality serves

  • Authentically French: All of our syrups are crafted in the French Alps using naturally filtered water from the Romanche valley

We aim to become the best partner for our customers

Elevate Training Programme:

We offer customer focused training that demonstrates and upskills our customers on the power of true flavour to drive business and profit.

Brand Ambassador:

We have a dedicated brand ambassador in the UK to deliver bespoke training and menu creations.

Bold Innovation Pipeline:

We are creators, explorers and innovators of true flavour.


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