Our Tango Range

With a rich heritage and attitude, Tango is a true British icon and has doubled in size over the last 5 years to become the 4th biggest brand in fruit carbonates.

Tango Editions: Mango

Succeeding Tango’s popular Paradise Punch flavour, this latest rotation is set to meet the demand for Mango flavoured drinks, giving shoppers more sugar-free options without compromising on taste. The flavour is now available in a variety of formats: 330ml can, 500ml bottle, 2 litre bottles, 8 can multipack and 24 can multipack. 

Our core Orange flavour

Tango is the standout orange recipe you know and love, Tango provides an instant burst of tangy flavour in every sip, free of artificial colours & flavours.

Dark Berry

Tango Dark Berry Sugar Free launched in April 2021. It was the number one flavoured fruit carbonate during that year and is now worth £13m retail sales value.