Your re-open range advice

These are worrying times for all, but for some seeking a new normality will be top of mind when the trade re-opens, so we have created some key range advice that'll give you enough to get the till ringing and explore the needs of every customer.

  • Our research tells us that 1 in 2 Licensees are concerned about 'affording to restock' on a limited budget and 40% are concerned about ‘customers not returning/ changes to footfall’

  • Having the right range in place when you do re-open is key to appeal to those seeking that sense of ‘normality’ again and with 71% of guests siting ‘range of drinks as important when considering where to go’ it’s important to get it right

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What we'd suggest for re-opening your outlet

Core essentials

These are what we would call 'range anchors' that your customers will expect to see and will order without looking at the menu. These include Cola’s, Lemonades, Fruit Carbs, Cordials, Water & Juice Drinks!

We suggest these for their bar presence and high rate of sale due to them being your customers regular order and go-to as an alternative to alcohol.

If looking at Britvic products for your core essentials, we'd suggest:

  • J2O fruit blends (the No.1 packaged soft drink in Licensed outlets)

  • Pepsi in glass bottle / on dispense

  • R.White's Lemonade on dispense

  • 7Up Free in glass bottle

Full of flavour, healthy options

There is a growing demand for healthier options, and these are for those customers seeking optimal health and wellness, with sugar being the No.1 concern for households purchasing soft drinks.

These are known as a 'Feel Good' range designed to support your Core Essentials. The range is likely to include: Juice Drinks, Natural Energy, Pure Juices and Water variants

If looking at Britvic products for your Feel Good range, we'd suggest:

  • J2O Spritz

  • Britvic 100 juices

  • Britvic 55 juices

Premium & Crafted

We know premium may not be a top priority right now, which is why we suggest just getting 1 or 2 options to ensure you cater for the growing number of customers deciding against alcohol, while still wanting something a bit more special. 

This range is likely to include more premium variants of core categories such as Cordials, hand crafted Sodas, Lemonades and products with more adult flavour profiles. 

If looking at Britvic products for your Premium range, we'd suggest:

  • R.White's Raspberry Lemonade

  • London Essence Ginger Beer

  • London Essence Soda’s

Kids & Teens options

You're going to want to keep the parents happy, which usually starts with keeping the kids happy, whether it is running around in the pub garden or playing games on their phones while the grown ups chat. 

Kids & Teens are so important to the family occasion with eating out a key family activity, so we do suggest keeping a few variations as these tend to sell out quickly when families turn up for their weekend catch up.

If looking at Britvic products for your Kids & Teens range, we'd suggest:

  • Fruit Shoot flavours

  • Fruit Shoot Hydro

  • Fruit Shoot Juiced

  • Britvic 100 juices

Spirit mixers

When customers return, they are likely to want their favourite, whether that is a G&T, Bloody Mary or Rum & Ginger. Mixers are the fastest growing sub-category and 7 in 10 drink spirits with a mixer, so we suggest ensuring you have enough range to cover some basic classics or cocktails.

If looking at Britvic products for your Essential Mixing range, we'd suggest:

  • Britvic tonics

  • Britvic sodas & gingers

  • Britvic tomato juice

If looking at Britvic products for your Premium Mixing range, we'd suggest:

  • London Essence tonics

  • London Essence sodas